Photoionization dynamics of the C2+ ion in Rydberg states

  • Viorica Stancalie
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The goal of this work is to examine in detail the ionization dynamics of Be-like C ion in Rydberg states. An initial calculation has been done to output the lifetime due to spontaneous decay for unperturbed 1s 22sns (1Se) Rydberg states using the multi-configuration Dirac-Fock (MCDF) method with configuration interaction option implemented in the general-purpose relativistic atomic structure package (GRASP). Both the C2+ ground state and the C3+ target state energies have been carefully calculated. We report results from a detailed and systematic study of the behaviour of complex photoionization amplitudes, the lifetime due to spontaneous decay for unperturbed 1s 22sns (1Se) Rydberg states, the ‘resonant’ phase shift and the rapidly increasing of this shift from well below to well above the resonance position. The sum-over-state method is used to calculate the static dipole polarizability, while the frequency-dependent polarizability values of C2+ ion in these Rydberg states are obtained from two-state model calculation results.


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