State selective photo-recombination cross sections in Be-like C and Al ions

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We report results from detailed state selective photo-recombination study along with the doubly excited autoionizing resonances in Be-like C2+ and Al9+ ions. In the present investigation, the primary focus is on detailed energy profiles of the individual photo-recombination cross sections. The calculation was carried out for the excited Rydberg states of type 1s 22sns(1Se) which interact with the odd-parity continua up to the C3+ and Al10+ 2p threshold limit. The numerical evaluation has been performed at a fine energy mesh across all the autoionizing Rydberg series of resonances 1s 22pns(1P0) converging to Li-like ion 2p threshold. The method of calculation keeps the essential ingredients of the Feshbach projection operator approximation. The photo-ionization cross sections have been evaluated with and without relativistic effects included into the R-matrix numerical procedures, while the allowance for both quantum interference between dielectronic and radiative recombination, and overlapping resonances has been done utilizing results from the earlier R-matrix Floquet calculation. We discuss all these results with respect to the effect of quantum interference term on the energy dependence profile of photo-recombination cross section for studied transitions.


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