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Spectrally resolved coherent transient signal for ultracold rubidium molecules


We present spectrally resolved pump-probe experiments on the photoassociation of ultracold rubidium atoms with shaped ultrashort laser pulses. The pump pulse causes a free-bound transition leading to a coherent transient signal of rubidium molecules in the first excited state. In order to achieve a high frequency resolution the bandwidth of the pump pulse is reduced to a few wavenumbers. The frequency dependence of the transient signal close to the D1 atomic resonance is investigated for characteristic pump-probe delay times. The observed spectra, which show a pronounced dip for pump-probe coincidence, are interpreted using quantum dynamical calculations.

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  • 33.80.-b Photon interactions with molecules
  • 32.80.Qk Coherent control of atomic interactions with photons
  • 42.50.Md Optical transient phenomena: quantum beats, photon echo, free-induction decay, dephasings