Metastable level lifetimes from electron-shelving measurements with ion clouds and single ions

  • M. KnoopEmail author
  • C. Champenois
  • G. Hagel
  • M. Houssin
  • C. Lisowski
  • M. Vedel
  • F. Vedel


The lifetime of the \(3d^2\rm D_{5/2}\)-level in singly-ionized calcium has been measured by the electron-shelving technique on different samples of rf trapped ions. The metastable state has been directly populated by exciting the dipole-forbidden \(\rm 4S_{1/2} - 3D_{5/2}\) transition. In ion clouds, the natural lifetime of this metastable level has been measured to be (\(1095\pm27\)) ms. For the single-ion case, we determined a lifetime of (\(1152\pm20\)) ms. The \(1\sigma\)-error bars at the 2%-level have different origins for the two kinds of experiments: data fitting methods for lifetime measurements in an ion cloud and control of experimental parameters for a single ion. De-shelving effects are extensively discussed. The influence of differing approaches for the processing of the single-ion quantum jump data on the lifetime values is shown. Comparison with recent measurements shows excellent agreement when evaluated from a given method.


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  • C. Champenois
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  • G. Hagel
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  • M. Houssin
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  • C. Lisowski
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  • M. Vedel
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  • F. Vedel
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