Experimental results in heavy flavor physics

  • Sheldon Stone
PLT - Plenary Talks


The interplay of experiment and theory is explored in the context of current data on b and c decay. Measurements of |V cb | and |V ub | are extracted from existing data. Conservative estimates give \(\left|V_{cb}\right|=(42.4\pm 1.2_{exp} \pm 2.3_{thy})\times 10^{-3}\) and |V ub |=(3.90± 0.16 exp ± 0.53 thy ) × 10–3. Using these values along with data on B d , B s mixing and CP violation in the K L system, the allowed region of the CKM parameters ρ and η is derived. Tests of factorization in two-body hadronic B decays to one heavy and one light meson are shown and compared with modern theories which are also used to see if there is new physics in two-body B decays to light mesons. The two new narrow D sJ states, discovered by BaBar and CLEO, respectively, are interpreted in light of the observation of these states in B decays by Belle.

PACS: 13.25.Hw Decays of bottom mesons – 13.20.Fc Decays of charmed mesons


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