Conditions for T2 resistivity from electron-electron scattering

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Many complex oxides (including titanates, nickelates and cuprates) show a regime in which resistivity follows a power law in temperature (ρT2). By analogy to a similar phenomenon observed in some metals at low temperature, this has often been attributed to electron-electron (Baber) scattering. We show that Baber scattering results in a T2 power law only under several crucial assumptions which may not hold for complex oxides. We illustrate this with sodium metal (ρel−elT2) and strontium titanate (ρel−el\(\hbox{$\not\propto$}\)T2). We conclude that an observation of ρT2 is not always sufficient evidence for electron-electron scattering.


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  2. 2.Materials Department, University of CaliforniaSanta BarbaraUSA

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