Topological phase in 1D topological Kondo insulator: Z2 topological insulator, Haldane-like phase and Kondo breakdown

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We have simulated a half-filled 1Dp-wave periodic Anderson model with numerically exact projector quantum Monte Carlo technique, and the system is indeed located in the Haldane-like state as detected in previous works on the p-wave Kondo lattice model, though the soluble non-interacting limit corresponds to the conventional Z2 topological insulator. The site-resolved magnetization in an open boundary system and strange correlator for the periodic boundary have been used to identify the mentioned topological states. Interestingly, the edge magnetization in the Haldane-like state is not saturated to unit magnetic moment due to the intrinsic charge fluctuation in our periodic Anderson-like model, which is beyond the description of the Kondo lattice-like model in existing literature. The finding here underlies the correlation driven topological state in this prototypical interacting topological state of matter and naive use of non-interacting picture should be taken care. Moreover, no trace of the surface Kondo breakdown at zero temperature is observed and it is suspected that frustration-like interaction may be crucial in inducing such radical destruction of Kondo screening. The findings here may be relevant to our understanding of interacting topological materials like topological Kondo insulator candidate SmB6.


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  3. 3.Software Center for High Performance Numerical Simulation, China Academy of Engineering PhysicsBeijingP.R. China
  4. 4.Beijing Computational Science Research CenterBeijingP.R. China

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