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Large scale properties of the Webgraph


In this paper we present an experimental study of the properties of web graphs. We study a large crawl from 2001 of 200M pages and about 1.4 billion edges made available by the WebBase project at Stanford [17]. We report our experimental findings on the topological properties of such graphs, such as the number of bipartite cores and the distribution of degree, PageRank values and strongly connected components.

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Correspondence to L. Laura.

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Received: 5 December 2003, Published online: 30 March 2004


89.20.Hh World Wide Web, Internet - 89.75.Fb Structures and organization in complex systems

Partially supported by the Future and Emerging Technologies programme of the EU under contracts number IST-2001-33555 COSIN “Co-evolution and Self-organization in Dynamical Networks” and IST-1999-14186 ALCOM-FT “Algorithms and Complexity in Future Technologies”, and by the Italian research project ALINWEB: “Algorithmica per Internet e per il Web”, MIUR - Programmi di Ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale.

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