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Large- N Weinberg-Tomozawa interaction and spin-flavor symmetry


The construction of an extended version of the Weinberg-Tomozawa Lagrangian, in which baryons and mesons form spin-flavor multiplets, is reviewed and some of its properties discussed, for an arbitrary number of colors and flavors. The coefficient tables of spin-flavor irreducible representations related by crossing between the s-, t- and u-channels are explicitly constructed.

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Garcıa-Recio, C., Nieves, J. & Salcedo, L.L. Large- N Weinberg-Tomozawa interaction and spin-flavor symmetry. Eur. Phys. J. A 31, 491–494 (2007).

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  • 14.20.Gk Baryon resonances with S = 0
  • 11.15.Pg Expansions for large numbers of components (e.g. , 1/N c expansions)
  • 11.10.St Bound and unstable states; Bethe-Salpeter equations
  • 11.30.Rd Chiral symmetries