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Precision measurements of kaonic atoms at DA ΦNE and future perspectives


The DAΦNE electron-positron collider at the Frascati National Laboratories has made available a unique “beam" of negative kaons providing unprecedented conditions for the study of the low-energy kaon-nucleon interaction, a field still largely unexplored. The DEAR (DAΦNE Exotic Atom Research) experiment at DAΦNE and its successor SIDDHARTA (SIlicon Drift Detector for Hadronic Atom Research by Timing Application) aim at a precision measurement of the strong-interaction shift and width of the fundamental 1s level, via the measurement of the X-ray transitions to this level, for kaonic hydrogen and kaonic deuterium. The aim is to extract the isospin-dependent antikaon-nucleon scattering lengths and to contribute to the understanding of aspects of chiral symmetry breaking in the strangeness sector.

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