Regularization of singular terms in the N¯ potential model

  • O. D. Dalkarov
  • A. Yu. VoroninEmail author
Original Article


We suggest a method of singular terms regularization in a potential model of the N¯ interaction. This method is free from uncertainties related to the usual cut-off procedure and is based on the fact that, in the presence of sufficiently strong short-range annihilation, N and ¯ never approach close enough to each other. In such a case the low-energy scattering is shown to be fully determined by the OBEP tail, while any details of the short-range core of the N¯ interaction are excluded from the observables. The obtained results for S- and P-wave scattering lengths are in agreement with the well-established theoretical models.


13.75.Cs Nucleon-nucleon interactions (including antinucleons, deuterons, etc.) 21.30.-x Nuclear forces 21.30.Fe Forces in hadronic systems and effective interactions 24.10.Ht Optical and diffraction models 


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  1. 1.P.N. Lebedev Physical InstituteMoscowRussia

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