Development of the Monte Carlo model CASCADE-2004 of high-energy nuclear interactions

  • H. KumawatEmail author
  • V. S. Barashenkov
Original Article


The Monte Carlo code CASCADE for the calculation of inelastic hadron- and nucleus-nucleus interactions at energies from several tens of MeV up to several tens of GeV and for modelling of nuclear-physical processes accompanying the transport of particles and nuclei in matter is improved by considering a more detailed model of decay of highly excited residual (after-intranuclear-cascade) nuclei. Results of calculations are in good agreement with experiment. However, there are some deviations for light-isotope production, which prompt the necessity of developing more correct models of evaporation and strong asymmetric high-energy fission.


24.10.Lx Monte Carlo simulations (including hadron and parton cascades and string breaking models) 24.60.Dr Statistical compound-nucleus reactions 24.75.+i General properties of fission 24.10.Pa Thermal and statistical models 


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