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Interaction Enhanced Imaging of Rydberg P states

Preparation and detection of Rydberg atoms for engineering long-range interactions
  • Vladislav Gavryusev
  • Miguel Ferreira-Cao
  • Armin Kekić
  • Gerhard Zürn
  • Adrien Signoles
Review Rydberg Technologies
Part of the following topical collections:
  1. Cooperativity and Control in Highly Excited Rydberg Ensembles – Achievements of the European Marie Curie ITN COHERENCE


The Interaction Enhanced Imaging technique allows to detect the spatial distribution of strongly interacting impurities embedded within a gas of background atoms used as a contrast medium [1]. Here we present a detailed study of this technique, applied to detect Rydberg P states. We experimentally realize fast and efficient three-photon excitation of P states, optimized according to the results of a theoretical effective two-level model. Few Rydberg P-state atoms, prepared in a small cloud with dimensions comparable to the blockade radius, are detected with a good sensitivity by averaging over 50 shots. The main aspects of the technique are described with a hard-sphere model, finding good agreement with experimental data. This work paves the way to a non-destructive optical detection of single Rydberg atoms with high spatial and temporal resolution.


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