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Image encryption based on permutation-substitution using chaotic map and Latin Square Image Cipher

  • H.T. PandurangaEmail author
  • S.K. Naveen KumarEmail author
  • KiranEmail author
Regular Article Chaos Based Image Encryption, Stream Cipher and Authentication
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  1. Chaos, Cryptography and Communications


In this paper we presented a image encryption based on permutation-substitution using chaotic map and Latin square image cipher. The proposed method consists of permutation and substitution process. In permutation process, plain image is permuted according to chaotic sequence generated using chaotic map. In substitution process, based on secrete key of 256 bit generate a Latin Square Image Cipher (LSIC) and this LSIC is used as key image and perform XOR operation between permuted image and key image. The proposed method can applied to any plain image with unequal width and height as well and also resist statistical attack, differential attack. Experiments carried out for different images of different sizes. The proposed method possesses large key space to resist brute force attack.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.DoS in Electronics University of Mysore, Hemagangothri PG CenterHassanIndia
  2. 2.Dept. of E and C Engg., Malnad College of EngineeringHassanIndia

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