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Bridging the phase-field and phase-field crystal approaches for anisotropic material systems

  • J. KundinEmail author
  • M.A. Choudhary
  • H. Emmerich
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  1. Heterogenous Nucleation and Microstructure Formation: Steps Towards a System and Scale Bridging Understanding


In this paper the amplitude representation of the anisotropic phase-field crystal (APFC) model recently proposed as a generalized model for isotropic as well as anisotropic crystal lattice systems is developed. The relationship between the amplitude equations and the standard phase-field model for solidification of pure substances with elasticity effects is derived which provide an explicit connection between the phase-field and APFC models. On the one hand we present a computationally more efficient model and highlight its potential as a bridge between the PFC and phase-field models with anisotropic interface energies and kinetics on the other hand.


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  1. 1.Material and Process Simulation (MPS), University BayreuthBayreuthGermany

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