A fixture for interfacial dilatational rheometry using a rotational rheometer

  • T. Verwijlen
  • P. Moldenaers
  • J. VermantEmail author
Regular Article


In characterizing complex fluid-fluid interfaces, interfacial rheometry has become an important tool to indirectly probe the interfacial microstructure and molecular interactions. It can also be useful to obtain the constitutive properties of an interface for calculating the interfacial flows of complex fluid-fluid interfaces. A number of devices for measuring interfacial shear rheology have been designed and have been thoroughly validated. However, although a range of devices for measuring interfacial dilatational rheology exist, they do not always allow for a proper separation of the effects of dynamic surface tension, curvature elasticity, Marangoni stresses, bulk flow effects and the desired dilatational rheological material functions. In the present work it is investigated if a fixture for a standard rotational rheometer can be designed which probes the dilatational viscoelastic properties of a planar complex fluid-fluid interface. A modification of the double wall ring geometry for shear rheometry is proposed, which creates a mixed but analyzable flow field. The use of a mixed flow field inherently limits the sensitivity for the dilatational properties, but some advantages over existing techniques are presented, in particular for insoluble monolayers. More importantly, the analysis illustrate some generic aspects on the use of mixed interfacial flow fields for measuring the surface rheological properties.


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