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Magnetic stabilization, transition and energy analysis in the Marangoni driven Full-Zone at low Prandtl numbers

  • Y. Huang
  • B.C. Houchens
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The linear stability of the Marangoni-driven Full-Zone is investigated for low Prandtl number fluids. A constant and uniform magnetic field is applied along the axial axis of the liquid bridge to stabilize the axisymmetric base state. Dramatic contraction of the flow circulation in both radial and azimuthal directions is observed with moderate magnetic fields. The numerical solution utilizes a vorticity transport formulation and high resolution spectral collocation scheme with Chebyshev polynomial basis functions. Critical transitions to three-dimensional, stationary flows are observed up to Ha = 300 for Pr = 0.02 and Ha = 500 for Pr = 0.001. A hydrodynamically driven instability is suggested by the perturbation flows and confirmed through an energy analysis.


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