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, Volume 188, Issue 1, pp 89–101 | Cite as

Charge order and low frequency spin dynamics in lanthanum cuprates revealed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

  • H.-J. Grafe
  • N.J. Curro
  • B.L. Young
  • A. Vyalikh
  • J. Vavilova
  • G.D. Gu
  • M. Hücker
  • B. Büchner
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We report detailed 17O, 139La, and 63,65Cu Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR) measurements in a stripe ordered La1.875Ba0.125CuO4 single crystal and in oriented powder samples of La1.8−x Eu0.2Sr x CuO4. We observe a partial wipeout of the 17O NMR intensity and a simultaneous drop of the 17O electric field gradient (EFG) at low temperatures where the spin stripe order sets in. In contrast, the 63,65Cu intensity is completely wiped out at the same temperature. The drop of the 17O quadrupole frequency is compatible with a charge stripe order. The 17O spin lattice relaxation rate shows a peak similar to that of the 139La, which is of magnetic origin. This peak is doping dependent and is maximal at x ≈ 1/8.


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© EDP Sciences and Springer 2010

Authors and Affiliations

  • H.-J. Grafe
    • 1
  • N.J. Curro
    • 2
  • B.L. Young
    • 3
  • A. Vyalikh
    • 1
  • J. Vavilova
    • 1
    • 5
  • G.D. Gu
    • 4
  • M. Hücker
    • 4
  • B. Büchner
    • 1
  1. 1.IFW Dresden, Institute for Solid State ResearchDresdenGermany
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsUniversity of CaliforniaDavisUSA
  3. 3.Department of ElectrophysicsNational Chiao Tung UniversityHsinchuTaiwan
  4. 4.Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science Department, Brookhaven National LaboratoryUptonUSA
  5. 5.Kazan Zavoiskiy Physical-Technical InstituteKazanRussia

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