Review and update of lens and grid schlieren and motion camera schlieren

  • L.M. WeinsteinEmail author


Optical density variation in fluids and transparent solids can often be studied by examining the effect of refraction of light passing through the medium. The schlieren technique has proven to be particularly well suited for these applications, and has been widely used for wind-tunnel studies. Newer variations of this technique have extended it to a wide range of applications. The lens and grid schlieren systems have been used to examine aerodynamic flow fields that were previously difficult to study with conventional schlieren systems. Motion camera schlieren was developed to obtain the flow field around aircraft in flight and rocket sleds. This paper gives an up to date review of the background and development of the lens and grid schlieren and motion camera schlieren techniques and includes examples of many of the flows studied using the techniques, including some previously unpublished ones. In addition, some preliminary results from new versions of both types of systems are described.


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