The European Physical Journal Special Topics

, Volume 176, Issue 1, pp 13–20

On adaptation – a secondary concern?

  • H. von Storch


The climate problem has many facets. Whether or not humans are capable of significantly changing climate is no longer a scientific question – they are in fact capable of doing so. However, only partly solved is the question what is happening here and now and how far future anthropogenic climate change will or may possibly go. The most important issue, namely how humankind can or should deal with this change, is a political issue, which needs more debate. Adaptation is a key element in this context. These issues are addressed in a non-technical manner here – from a deliberately broad range of perspectives, from both natural and social sciences. This paper is not a review; it is certainly biased in presenting the author’s views, analyses and conclusions. According to these views, adaptation is not a secondary concern.


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  • H. von Storch
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  1. 1.GKSS Research CenterGeesthachtGermany

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