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, Volume 154, Issue 1, pp 57–63 | Cite as

Active and passive structural acoustic control of the smart beam

  • R. FilipekEmail author
  • J. Wiciak


Structural noise and vibrations control can be achieved using two strategies: active - with feed-forward controller, a sensor and an actuator [1-3] or passive, by piezoelectric shunt damping [4-8], when a piezoelectric transducer will act as a sensor and an actuator. Potential applications of these structures are investigated. Two numerical (FEM) models based on the active and passive damping strategies are compared. The numerical solutions were confirmed experimentally.


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© EDP Sciences/Società Italiana di Fisica/Springer-Verlag 2008

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mechanics and VibroacousticsAGH University of Science and TechnologyKrakówPoland

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