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Neutronic benchmark of the FRENETIC code for the multiphysics analysis of lead fast reactors

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The FRENETIC code is being developed at Politecnico di Torino in the frame of the international effort for the deployment of lead fast reactors technology. FRENETIC is a multiphysics computational tool solving the neutronics and thermal-hydraulics equation at the full-core level, aiming at performing steady-state and time-dependent simulations in different conditions. In the present work, the validation activity of FRENETIC is carried forward by performing a benchmark against a reference computational model for the ALFRED design implemented in Serpent. Different core configurations in FRENETIC and different temperature distributions are considered, performing consistent comparisons between the two codes. All the results obtained show an extremely good agreement between the two models, implying that the ALFRED core can be well characterized by the FRENETIC code. The present study sets the basis for the future application of the code to simulate safety-relevant transients with FRENETIC.

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