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Modulation of the spin-orbit interaction and the transition probability of polaron in disk quantum dot under electromagnetic field

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This work presents the important role played by the spin-orbit interaction in nanostructures such as disk quantum dot when subjected to an external field. Here by using the LLP variational method, the Rashba effect on polaron in this nanostructure with Gaussian confinement potential under electromagnetic field is investigated. The polaron ground, first excited state energy and the electron transition probability are derived. Results show that the external electromagnetic field highly modulates the spin-orbit coupling strength αr, the polaron energies and transition probability. The polaron transition probability splits in two branches due to the splitting of the eigenstates energies. Our study also reveals that DQD properties can be adjusted by the external field. Therefore, the transport and the optical properties of the quantum dot can be controlled by turning the spin-orbit coupling.

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We wish to acknowledge Dr. G. N. BAWE Jr. for the advices given and the microscopic correction of the English language.

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