Analysis of the effect of generalized fractional Fourier’s and Fick’s laws on convective flows of non-Newtonian fluid subject to Newtonian heating

  • Imran SiddiqueEmail author
  • Syeda Mahwish Bukhari
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The aim of this report is to study an unsteady mixed convection flow of an incompressible differential type fluid occurrence of chemical reaction that is first order, heat source and radiative heat source with fractional mass diffusion and thermal transports over an infinite vertical plate. The fractional derivative Caputo–Fabrizio which is defined recently with non-singular kernel is used in constitutive laws for the mass and thermal flux, respectively. Semi analytical solutions of the dimensionless concentration, temperature, and velocity fields in addition the rates of heat and mass transfer from the plate to the fluid are established by virtue of the Laplace inversion numerical algorithms Stehfest’s and Tzou’s. Some solutions for ordinary case and obvious results from articles are retrieved as limiting cases. Finally, an impact of flow and fractionalize parameters \(\alpha \) and \(\beta \) on concentration, temperature and velocity profiles is tabularly and graphically underlined and discussed . We present a valuation between second grade (fractional and ordinary) and viscous (fractional and ordinary) fluids is also interpreted. It is identified that the ordinary fluid has high velocity as comparable to fractional fluids.



The second author is greatly obliged and gratifying to University of Management and Technology, Lahore Campus, Pakistan for the generous support expediting to research work.


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