Supersymmetric hybrid inflation with non-minimal coupling to gravity

  • Umananda Dev GoswamiEmail author
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We have studied the paradigm of cosmic inflation using the simplest model based on the idea of supersymmetric hybrid inflation with non-minimal coupling to gravity, specially under the slow-roll approximation following the superconformal approach to supergravity. It is found that within a range of values of the non-minimal coupling parameter \(\xi \), the model can accommodate the inflation data reported by the Planck (\(n_s\) and upper limit of r) and BICEP2/Keck (upper limit of r) collaborations. The study shows that the most probable value of \(\xi \) should be \(\sim 0.0134\pm 0.0005\). That is coupling is found to be very weak. Within this range of \(\xi \), the values of r estimated from our model for 50–70 e-foldings are found to lay well below the upper limits set by the Planck and BICEP2/Keck collaborations. Similarly, values of \(n_s\) obtained for the said parameters are in good agreement with its latest data of the Planck collaboration. The constraint equations for the running of the scalar spectral index \(n_{sk}\) and its running \(n_{skk}\) are derived from the numerical solutions of our model for these parameters. These equations can be used to test our model from the data of future cosmological observations.



The author is thankful to the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune for hospitality during his visits as a Visiting Associate of the institute. He also thankful to the anonymous referee for his/her useful comments that led to improvement of the manuscript.


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