Microscopic insight into low level systematics and negative-parity yrast bands in odd-mass \(\mathrm{{}^{ 111\mbox{--}127}Cd}\)

  • Preeti Verma
  • Suram SinghEmail author
  • Arun Bharti
  • S. K. Khosa
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Aiming at investigating the nuclear structure and the evolution of the deformation in Z = 48 Cd nuclei, which have only two protons less than the Z = 50 magic Sn, we have carried out a microscopic study of negative-parity high-spin states of odd-mass 111-127 Cd nuclei using the theoretical framework of projected shell model (PSM). The results have been obtained for the deformation systematics of the first excited state \( E(15/2^-)\) , yrast energy ratios ( \( R_{2/1}\) , yrast spectra, band crossings, backbending phenomena and B(E2) transition probabilities. The present calculations have reproduced the observed nuclear-structure properties quite successfully. It turns out from the results that the gradual and weak deformation in the entire mass chain of the cadmium isotopes under study is intricately linked to the non-degenerate nature of the quasi-particle valence orbits near the Fermi level for neutrons, which hinders the onset of deformations in these isotopes at \( N\geq 60\) . These isotopes are found to have weak prolate deformation in their ground states, 117Cd being the most deformed. Some higher-spin states have also been predicted in this work for which experimental data is not available yet. B(E2) values have also been reported, for the first time, in this work and are open for their experimental verification.


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  1. 1.Department of Physics and Astronomical SciencesCentral University of JammuSambaIndia
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsUniversity of JammuJammuIndia

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