Propagation and attenuation characteristics of Rayleigh waves induced due to irregular surface in liquid-saturated micropolar porous half-space

  • Alka KumariEmail author
  • Santimoy Kundu
  • Shishir Gupta
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This paper presents a study designed to analyse the impact of corrugated interface on Rayleigh wave phase velocity and attenuation coefficient within the context of micropolar porous half-space lying under a non-viscous liquid layer. Following the fundamental equations of wave propagation given by Biot together with the suitable boundary conditions for a given geometry, the velocity equation in the complex form is derived which on further separation of the real and imaginary parts corresponds to the dispersion and attenuation equation, respectively. In order to illustrate the impact of porosity, micropolarity, undulation and position parameters on phase velocity and attenuation coefficient, the dispersion and attenuation curves are plotted with respect to the wave number by varying values of these parameters. For comparative studies, the graphs of these parameters have been plotted for two cases, one for a corrugated interface and the other one for a planar interface, and comparison of phase velocity and attenuation is made with the results obtained from the graphs. It is seen that phase velocity and attenuation are significantly influenced by wave number, presence of micropolarity, porosity and corrugated interface. Also we have obtained the important result that the waves propagate with higher velocity in a deep liquid layer.


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