Canonical and symplectic analysis of actions describing linearized gravity

  • Alberto EscalanteEmail author
  • Melissa Rodríguez-Zárate
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By using the canonical and symplectic approaches an (nonstandard) alternative action describing linearized gravity is studied. We identify the complete set of Dirac's constraints, the counting of physical degrees of freedom is performed and the Dirac brackets are constructed. Furthermore, the symplectic analysis is developed which includes the complete set of Faddeev-Jackiw constraints and a symplectic tensor; from that symplectic matrix we show that the generalized Faddeev-Jackiw brackets and the Dirac ones coincide to each other. With all these results at hand, we prove that the number of physical degrees of freedom are eight, thus, we conclude that the theory does not describe the dynamics of linearized gravity. In addition, we also develop the symplectic analysis of standard linearized gravity and we compare the results for both standard and nonstandard theories. Finally we present some remarks and conclusions.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Instituto de Física Luis Rivera TerrazasBenemérita Universidad Autónoma de PueblaPuebla Pue.Mexico
  2. 2.Facultad de Ciencias Físico-MatemáticasBenemérita Universidad Autónoma de PueblaPuebla, Pue.Mexico

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