Novel image encryption cryptosystem based on binary bit planes extraction and multiple chaotic maps

  • Arslan ShafiqueEmail author
  • Junaid Shahid
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In recent years, a number of chaos-based image encryption schemes have been proposed. In digital images, pixel is considered as the smallest element. So, most of the image encryption schemes implement diffusion and permutation operation at the pixel level. The substitution process creates diffusion. It can be done by using the substitution box (S-box). Although the S-box plays a vital role in any cryptosystem, the S-box substitution takes too much time to substitute the pixels of an image of size \( 256 \times 256\) or more than \( 256 \times 256\) . So, in this paper, for the low time complexity, bit level permutation is performed by extracting the binary bit planes from the plaintext image. Bit level permutation has an ability to create confusion and diffusion at the same time. A new random image is introduced to create more diffusion. The chaotic cubic-logistic and logistic map are also used in the proposed cryptosystem. Experimental results are carried out to show the efficiency of the proposed cryptosystem.


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