High breakdown voltage and high driving current in a novel silicon-on-insulator MESFET with high- and low-resistance boxes in the drift region

  • Ali Naderi
  • Hamed Mohammadi
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In this paper a novel silicon-on-insulator metal oxide field effect transistor (SOI-MESFET) with high- and low-resistance boxes (HLRB) is proposed. This structure increases the current and breakdown voltage, simultaneously. The semiconductor at the source side of the channel is doped with higher impurity than the other parts to reduce its resistance and increase the driving current as low-resistance box. An oxide box is implemented at the upper part of the channel from the drain region toward the middle of the channel as the high-resistance box. Inserting a high-resistance box increases the breakdown voltage and improves the RF performance of the device because of its higher tolerable electric field and modification in gate-drain capacitance, respectively. The high-resistance region reduces the current density of the device which is completely compensated by low-resistance box. A 92% increase in breakdown voltage and an 11% improvement in the device current have been obtained. Also, maximum oscillation frequency, unilateral power gain, maximum available gain, maximum stable gain, and maximum output power density are improved by 7%, 35%, 23%, 26%, and 150%, respectively. These results show that the HLRB-SOI-MESFET can be considered as a candidate to replace Conventional SOI-MESFET (C-SOI-MESFET) for high-voltage and high-frequency applications.


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  1. 1.Electrical and computer engineering department, Energy FacultyKermanshah University of TechnologyKermanshahIran

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