Chemically reactive species in squeezed flow through modified Fourier’s and Fick’s laws

  • M. Farooq
  • S. AhmadEmail author
  • M. Javed
  • Aisha Anjum
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The squeezing flow of a Newtonian fluid with variable viscosity over a stretchable sheet embedded in Darcy porous medium is addressed. Cattaneo-Christov double diffusion models are adopted to disclose the salient features of heat and mass transport via variable thermal conductivity and variable mass diffusivity instead of conventional Fourier’s and Fick’s laws. Further, the concept of heat generation/absorption coefficient and first-order chemical reaction are also imposed to illustrate the characteristics of heat and mass transfer. Highly nonlinear computations are developed in dimensionless form and analyzed via the homotopic technique. The variation of flow parameters on velocity, concentration, and temperature distributions are sketched and disclosed physically. The results found that both concentration and temperature distributions decay for higher solutal and thermal relaxation parameters, respectively. Moreover, a higher chemical reaction parameter results in the reduction of the concentration field whereas the temperature profile enhances for a higher heat generation/absorption parameter.


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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics and StatisticsRiphah International UniversityIslamabadPakistan

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