Processing tools refinement for the JIRAM arrival to Jupiter

  • Maria L. MoriconiEmail author
  • R. Noschese
  • A. Adriani
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The JUNO mission, launched on August 2011 with the goal of investigating the origin and evolution of Jupiter, reached Jupiter in July 2016. The months preceding the JUNO orbit insertion have been crucial for all the instrument teams to check the status and working abilities of the respective experiments. JIRAM (Jupiter Infrared Auroral Mapper), with its imager and slit spectrometer operating over the 2-5μm spectral range will attempt to reveal the deep atmospheric composition --3 to 7 bars-- in hot spots, to analyze the infrared auroral emissions of the H3 + molecules ionized by the Jovian magnetosphere currents and to detect the morphology and vertical structure of the clouds. Many different processing tools are in preparation to exploit the incoming JIRAM data. Here some results pertaining to the image quality optimization and the visualizations that can be obtained from the spectrometer data management are reported.


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  1. 1.Institute of Astrophysics and Space PlanetologyINAFRomaItaly
  2. 2.Institute of Atmospheric and Climatic SciencesCNRRomaItaly

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