Exciton effects on the nonlinear optical properties of semiparabolic quantum dot under electric field

  • D. BejanEmail author
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The effects of exciton and electric field on the nonlinear optical properties, such as refraction index change, optical absorption coefficient and optical rectification of semiparabolic one-dimensional quantum dot, were theoretically investigated. The energy eigenvalues and eigenfunctions are calculated numerically within the effective mass approximation for a typical GaAs/ Al0.3Ga0.7 As quantum dot, for the cases where there is an exciton or a single electron/hole in the structure. Optical properties are obtained using the compact density matrix approach and steady state solutions. Our results show that: i) if the increasing electric field is oriented along the growth direction, the refractive index change structure and the resonance peaks of the absorption coefficient and optical rectification present a blue shift and are weakened for exciton and electron systems but have a red shift and are strengthened for the hole system; ii) when the field, oriented against the growth direction, augments, the above optical parameters present a red shift and are increased for exciton and electron systems but have a blue shift and are lowered for the hole system; iii) the exciton presence in the structure enhances the amplitude of the resonant peaks of all optical parameters even at zero electric field.


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