Self-diffusion as a criterion for melting of dust crystal in the presence of magnetic field

  • Mahmuda Begum
  • Nilakshi Das
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The self-diffusion coefficient of a complex plasma in the presence of a magnetic field has been calculated. The presence of a magnetic field breaks the symmetry of the complex plasma system and modifies the dielectric property of the plasma medium. The effect of the magnetic field on the self-diffusion coefficient is investigated through the modified Yukawa potential. The dependence of the self-diffusion coefficient has been studied for both strongly coupled and weakly coupled regimes and for different values of the magnetic field. The self-diffusion coefficient is found to exhibit a distinct behaviour in strongly and weakly coupled regimes and the possibility of using this as a criterion for phase transition has been explored.


Dust Dust Particle Radial Distribution Function Dusty Plasma Weakly Couple Regime 
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  1. 1.Plasma Physics Research Laboratory, Department of PhysicsTezpur UniversityTezpur-NapaamIndia

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