Fradkin-Bacry-Ruegg-Souriau vector in kappa-deformed space-time

  • Partha GuhaEmail author
  • E. Harikumar
  • N. S. Zuhair
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We study the presence of an additional symmetry of a generic central potential in the κ space-time. An explicit construction of Fradkin, Bacry, Ruegg and Souriau (FBRS) for a central potential is carried out and the piecewise conserved nature of the vector is established. We also extend the study to Kepler systems with a drag term, particularly the Gorringe-Leach equation is generalized to the κ-deformed space. The possibility of mapping a Gorringe-Leach equation to an equation without drag term is exploited associating a similar conserved vector to the system with a drag term. An extension of the duality between two classes of central potential is introduced in the κ-deformed space and is used to investigate the duality existing between two classes of Gorringe-Leach equations. All the results obtained can be retraced to the correct commutative limit as we let a → 0.


Deformation Parameter Dissipative System Central Potential Power Potential Kepler Problem 
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  1. 1.S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic SciencesSalt Lake KolkataIndia
  2. 2.School of PhysicsUniversity of Hyderabad, Central University P OHyderabadIndia

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