Effective Hamiltonian with position-dependent mass and ordering problem

  • V. M. TkachukEmail author
  • O. Voznyak
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We derive the effective low-energy Hamiltonian for the tight-binding model with the hopping integral slowly varying along the chain. The effective Hamiltonian contains the kinetic energy with position-dependent mass, which is inverse to the hopping integral, and effective potential energy. Changing of ordering in the kinetic energy leads to change of the effective potential energy and leaves the Hamiltonian the same one. Therefore, we can choose arbitrary von Roos ordering parameters in the kinetic energy without changing the Hamiltonian. Moreover, we propose a more general form for the kinetic energy than that of von Roos, which nevertheless together with the effective potential energy represent the same Hamiltonian.


Kinetic Energy Potential Energy Hermitian Form Schrodinger Equation Dependent Mass 
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  1. 1.Department for Theoretical PhysicsIvan Franko National University of LvivLvivUkraine

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