On the contribution of the chain ends to the surface tension of a polymer melt

  • Dominique Ausserré
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  1. Polymers: From Adsorption to Translocation - Topical Issue in Memoriam Loïc Auvray (1956-2016)


We propose a physical picture describing the mechanisms by which chain ends affect the surface tension of a mono-dispersed polymer melt with chain length N. The driving effect is the adsorption equilibrium of chain ends within a bulk slice adjoining the surface and acting as a confined end reservoir. The thickness of that limited space is a characteristic length of the melt. This picture conforms to a previous approach proposed years ago by de Gennes. However, the characteristic length \(aN^{1/3}\) that we consider is different from the one \(aN^{1/2}\) that he considered. Our choice is carefully argued. The resulting model correctly reflects the transition between the two N regimes reported in experimental studies, with the correct exponents. Stretching contributions are also considered, and appear small compared to the above-mentioned adsorption equilibrium effects. We think that the usefulness of the newly introduced characteristic length might exceed the specific problem addressed in the present paper. The equilibrium state of a lamellar diblock copolymer is briefly discussed for illustration.

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Polymers: From Adsorption to Translocation - Topical Issue in Memoriam Loïc Auvray (1956-2016) 


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  1. 1.“Molecular Landscapes, Biophotonic Horizons” Group IMMMCNRS, UMR 6283, Université du MansLe MansFrance

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