Taylor-Green vortex simulation using CABARET scheme in a weakly compressible formulation

  • Yury M. KulikovEmail author
  • Eduard E. Son
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  1. Non-equilibrium processes in multicomponent and multiphase media


In present paper we recall the canonical Taylor-Green vortex problem solved by in-house implementation of the novel CABARET numerical scheme in weakly compressible formulation. The simulations were carried out on the sequence of refined grids with \( 64^3\), \( 128^3\), \( 256^3\) cells at various Reynolds numbers corresponding to both laminar (\({\rm Re}=100, 280\)) and turbulent (\({\rm Re}=1600, 4000\)) vortex decay scenarios. The features of the numerical method are discussed in terms of the kinetic energy dissipation rate and integral enstrophy curves, temporal evolution of the spanwise vorticity, energy spectra and spatial correlation functions.

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Topical issue: Non-equilibrium processes in multicomponent and multiphase media 


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  1. 1.Joint Institute for High Temperatures of RASMoscowRussia

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