Contribution to the benchmark for ternary mixtures: Transient analysis in microgravity conditions

  • Amirhossein AhadiEmail author
  • M. Ziad Saghir
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  1. Thermal non-equilibrium phenomena in multi-component fluids


We present a transient experimental analysis of the DCMIX1 project conducted onboard the International Space Station for a ternary tetrahydronaphtalene, isobutylbenzene, n-dodecane mixture. Raw images taken in microgravity environment using the SODI (Selectable Optical Diagnostic) apparatus which is equipped with two wavelength diagnostic were processed and the results were analyzed in this work. We measured the concentration profile of the mixture containing 80% THN, 10% IBB and 10% nC12 during the entire experiment using an advanced image processing technique and accordingly we determined the Soret coefficients using an advanced curve-fitting and post-processing technique. It must be noted that the experiment has been repeated five times to ensure the repeatability of the experiment.

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Topical Issue: Thermal non-equilibrium phenomena in multi-component fluids 



Change in refractive index


Maximum concentration difference


Maximum temperature difference (K)

i, j

Coordinate index of pixel


Initial concentration of i-th component


Temperature (K)


Optical path of the cell (mm)


Phase distribution

\(\left( {\tfrac{{\partial n}} {{\partial T}}} \right)\)

Thermal contrast factor (K−1)

\(\left( {\tfrac{{\partial n}} {{\partial C}}} \right)\)

Concentration contrast factor


Time (s, min, h)


Temperature at the hot side of the cavity (K)


Temperature at the cold side of the cavity (K)


Molecular diffusion coefficient (m2 s−1)


Thermodiffusion coefficient (m2 s−1 K−1)


Soret coefficient (K−1)


Concentration at the cold wall (mass fraction)


Concentration at the hot wall (mass fraction)


Laser wavelength (nm)

x, y

Cartesian co-ordinates in a 2D plane











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