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Importance of depletion interactions for structure and dynamics of ferrofluids



The influence of attractive depletion forces on the structure and dynamics of ferrofluids is studied by computer simulations. In the presence of a magnetic field, we find that sufficiently strong depletion forces lead to an assembly of particle chains into columnar structures with hexagonal ordering inside the columns. In a planar shear flow, this ordering is destroyed, leading to strong shear thinning behavior. A pronounced anisotropy of the shear viscosity is observed. The viscosity is found to be largest when the magnetic field is oriented in the gradient direction of the flow.


75.50.Mm Magnetic liquids 61.20.Ja Computer simulation of liquid structure 66.20.Cy Theory and modeling of viscosity and rheological properties, including computer simulations 83.10.Mj Molecular dynamics, Brownian dynamics 


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