Chaos synchronization of coupled nano-quantum cascade lasers with negative optoelectronic feedback

  • Hussein WariedEmail author
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In this paper, a theoretical investigation of chaos synchronization in two nano-quantum cascade lasers with delayed negative optoelectronic feedback is presented. Since the spontaneous emission effect is an important factor in a microcavity the rate equations model has been reconsidered to include the Purcell spontaneous emission enhancement factor F and the spontaneous emission factor. It is found that the synchronization takes place under suitable system parameters. The results indicate that the coupling strength, the delay time in the transmitter, and the transmission time between the two lasers have significant effects on the synchronization quality while the stage number and the delay time in receiver have poor effects on the synchronization quality. Also, when the system is a closed-loop or open-loop, synchronization with poor dynamics occurs when the spontaneous emission factor is small while the synchronization happens in the open-loop system only when the spontaneous emission factor is large. Furthermore, when the system is a closed-loop, synchronization occurs when Purcell factor is large while the synchronization happens to the open-loop system of any values for the spontaneous emission factor and Purcell factor.

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