Localized surface magnetic modes transfer along bend and T-splitter chain arrays of subwavelength metamaterial resonators

  • Shaozhong HuEmail author
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We present a coupled resonator optical waveguide (CROW) based on planar plasmonic metamaterials, which consists of metallic spiral structures arrays. The waveguide can confine the energy in subwavelength scale and transport spoof magnetic LSPs modes. Attributing to these features, the bend waveguide and T-splitter are designed. To verify the functionality and performance of the proposed waveguides, we implemented microwave simulations and experiments. The tested waveguide performances have clearly validated the functionality of our designs. It is believed to be applicable for future plasmonic circuit in microwave and THz ranges.


Optical Phenomena and Photonics 


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  1. 1.Institute of ZTE information, Xinyu UniversityXinyuP.R. China

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