The rescattering correction for “plateau structure” in elliptically polarized laser fields

  • Kai-Yun Huang
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In strong field above threshold ionization, we reproduce the “plateau structure” of the photoelectron spectra by using some important rescattering points. The corrected result is in good agreement with the semiclassical simulation which takes the full Coulomb influence into consideration. This indicates that the Coulomb influence in the rescattering process mainly functions in the area where the electron kicks the parent ion. A chaotic channel caused by the rescattering points appears when the initial transverse velocity of the electron can nearly counteract the drift velocity induced by the laser field. It is also found that the different order rescattering points play a different role in the formation of the chaotic channel and that the rescattering number is very important in determining the final energy of electron.

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Ultraintense and Ultra-short Laser Fields 


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsTangshan Normal UniversityTangshanP.R. China

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