Radiosensitization of DNA in presence of Pt(II)-based compounds

  • Małgorzata A. ŚmiałekEmail author
  • Sylwia Ptasińska
  • Jason Gow
  • Chiara Da Pieve
  • Nigel J. Mason
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X-ray irradiation of plasmid DNA in presence of platinum (II)-based compounds was carried out in order to assess the radiosensitization capabilities of these drugs. In present investigations pBR322 plasmid DNA was used to monitor the effectiveness of chosen compounds in inducing strand breaks. Samples were incubated in the presence of potential radiosensitisers: platinum (II) bromide and cis-diamminedibromoplatinum (II). The results were examined against a common cancer chemotherapy drug cis-diamminedichloroplatinum (II). It was found that platinum (II) bromide can greatly increase the levels of single- and double-strand break formation observed in the irradiated samples with respect to the samples containing platinum as a radiosensitizer only, possessing very little chemotherapeutic activity. The suggested drugs exhibit much higher level of radiosensitivity than widely used cisplatin and thus may be good candidates for cancer treatment.


Damage Level Secondary Particle Dissociative Electron Attachment Tungsten Anode Induce Strand Break 
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  • Małgorzata A. Śmiałek
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    Email author
  • Sylwia Ptasińska
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  • Jason Gow
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  • Chiara Da Pieve
    • 4
  • Nigel J. Mason
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  1. 1.Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology, Department of Control and Energy EngineeringGdańskPoland
  2. 2.Department of Physical SciencesThe Open UniversityMilton KeynesUK
  3. 3.Radiation Laboratory and Department of Physics, University of Notre DameNotre DameUSA
  4. 4.Department of LifeHealth and Chemical Sciences, The Open UniversityMilton KeynesUK

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