Production of Fe clusters by collisions of metal vapour with supersonic argon beams

  • Atea Akraiam
  • Klaus von HaeftenEmail author
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The growth of Fe clusters by collisions of Fe atoms with Ar atoms flowing in a supersonic beam was investigated by Fe mass flux measurements and transmission electron (TEM) microscopy. Moderate Ar densities of the order of 1 × 1020 m-3 were sufficient to cause cluster growth which was attributed to the low temperature of the Ar beam. TEM imaging of deposited clusters revealed diameter distributions from 2 to 10 nm depending on the deposition time. Extrapolation to zero deposition time revealed a cluster size of 2.4 nm grown in the gas phase. Growth on the surface was attributed to diffusion of single Fe atoms which are co-deposited with the clusters in the process and which agglomerate when they hit a cluster.


Metal Vapour Stagnation Pressure Transmission Electron Micro Mach Disk Cluster Growth 
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