Optical contrastivity of complicated materials: finite layered structures

  • E. Y. GlushkoEmail author
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We define the intrinsic optical contrastivity of a complicated layered structure as the relative total gap taken inside the total internal reflection region over a chosen range of frequencies. The notion introduced for ordered 1D systems retains its meaning for 2D and 3D ordered optical systems, as well as for disordered structures. The parametric maps of contrastivity and sensitivity are calculated for 1D comb matrices based on glass, silicon, and microporous silicon with various fillings, comb sizes, and densities of a gaseous filling. The existence of areas on a parametric map which are highly sensitive to deviations in the contrastivity is shown for different materials. In the case of a gaseous filling of voids between the matrix material layers, the areas of a very high sensitivity are also found.


Optical Phenomena and Photonics 


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  1. 1.Semiconductor Photonic Structures Dpt.Institute of Semiconductor Physics of the NAS of Ukraine 45KievUkraine

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