Efficiency of photodesorption of Rb atoms collected on polymer organic film in vapor-cell

  • S. N. AtutovEmail author
  • V. P. Chubakov
  • P. A. Chubakov
  • A. I. Plekhanov
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The efficiency of photodesorption of Rb atoms previously collected on polymer organic film has been studied in detail. This study was carried out in a Pyrex glass cell of which the inner surface was covered with (poly)dimethylsiloxane (PDMS) film and illuminated by a powerful flash lamp. The desorption dynamic of the Rb atoms density in the cell caused by the illumination and percentage of desorbed atoms was studied by using of Rb resonance lamp and free running diode laser as sources of probing light. It was determined that 85 percent collected chemical active Rb atoms and stored during 16 s in the closed cell, 75 percent in the pumped cell can be desorbed by single flash of the lamp. The number of stored atoms decays with a characteristic time of 60 min in isolated cell and with a time 12.4 min in a pumped cell. We believe that this efficient method of collection and fast realization of atoms or molecules could be used for enhancement of sensitivity of existed sensors for the trace detection of various elements (including toxic or radioactive ones) which is important to environmental applications, medicine or in geology. The effect might help to construct an efficient light-driven atomic source for a magneto-optical trap in a case of extremely low vapor density or very weak flux of atoms, such as artificial radioactive alkali atoms.


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  • V. P. Chubakov
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  • P. A. Chubakov
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  • A. I. Plekhanov
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