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, Volume 54, Issue 2, pp 433–437 | Cite as

Surface energy evaluation of unhydrogenated DLC thin film deposited by thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) method

  • R. VladoiuEmail author
  • V. Dinca
  • G. Musa
Topical issue: 23rd Symposium on Plasma Physics and Technology


The aim of this paper is concerned with the surface energy evaluation by contact angle measurements of DLC films deposited by thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) on different substrates: glass plate, zinc foil, stainless steel and alumina foil. TVA is an original method based on a combination of the evaporation by electron bombardment and anodic arc. The evaluation of the surface free energy has been carried out by surface energy evaluation system (SEE System). The influence of the experimental conditions is also investigated.


52.80.Vp Discharge in vacuum 52.40.Hf Plasma-material interactions; boundary layer effects 52.77.Dq Plasma-based ion implantation and deposition 


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsOvidius UniversityConstantaRomania

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