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Electrohydrodynamic flow in a wire-plate non-thermal plasma reactor measured by 3D PIV method

  • J. PodlinskiEmail author
  • A. Niewulis
  • J. Mizeraczyk
Topical issue: 23rd Symposium on Plasma Physics and Technology


This work was aimed at measurements of the electrohydrodynamic (EHD) secondary flow in a non-thermal plasma reactor using three-dimensional particle image velocimetry (3D PIV) method. The wide-type non-thermal plasma reactor used in this work was an acrylic box with a wire discharge electrode and two plate collecting electrodes. The positive DC voltage was applied to the wire electrode through a 10 MΩ resistor. The collecting electrodes were grounded. The voltage applied to the wire electrode was 28 kV. Air flow seeded with a cigarette smoke was blown along the reactor duct with an average velocity of 0.6 m/s. The 3D PIV velocity fields measurements were carried out in four parallel planes stretched along the reactor duct, perpendicularly to the wire electrode and plate electrodes. The measured flow velocity fields illustrate complex nature of the EHD induced secondary flow in the non-thermal plasma reactor.


47.65.-d Magnetohydrodynamics and electrohydrodynamics 52.30.-q Plasma dynamics and flow 52.25.Fi Transport properties 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Centre for Plasma and Laser Engineering, The Szewalski Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of SciencesGdañskPoland
  2. 2.Department of Marine ElectronicsGdynia Maritime UniversityGdyniaPoland

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