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DC corona ozone generation enhanced by TiO2 photocatalyst

  • S. PekárekEmail author
Plasma Physics


Non-thermal electrical discharges, such as corona discharge are apart of the source of ozone, charged, and excited species and acoustic noise also the source of electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths. The important component of this radiation from the standpoint of photocatalyst activation is the ultraviolet radiation. We studied the role of UV radiation on corona discharge ozone production by placing the titanium dioxide photocatalyst into the discharge region. We used hollow needle to mesh DC corona discharge at atmospheric pressure with TiO2 globules on the mesh. The discharge was enhanced by the flow of air through the needle. We found that for the needle biased negatively addition of TiO2 photocatalyst on the mesh electrode drastically increases discharge ozone production as well as the ozone production yield. These quantities are also influenced by the mass of the used photocatalyst and its distribution in the discharge chamber.


52.80.Hc Glow; corona 52.90.+z Other topics in physics of plasmas and electric discharges 82.33.Xj Plasma reactions 


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  1. 1.Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical EngineeringPrague 6Czech Republic

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